Best Practices and Complaints Committee Forming

Ms. Regan Benson was asked by State Chairman Victoria Reynolds to form a Best Practices and Complaints Committee. Here is Ms. Benson’s plan.

I need to seat a committee of 3-5 registered Libertarians in CO that will be tasked with handling complaints and establishing best practices when it comes to making recommendations to the state board of directors. This work will be two fold; First, creation and adoption of best practices as they relate to discriminatory behavior (to be defined) and/or censuring for behavior unbecoming of a current board member or directors within affiliate groups of the LPCO that prevent advancement of the party.
Second, the impartial investigation of complaints that meet a defined criteria for acceptance.
I was asked by our LPCO madam chair, Victoria Reynolds, to head this committee.
I need 2-4 impartial outsiders, if you will. It might be good if we barely know each other, we will work more productively for practical and unbiased outcomes. You must be a registered Libertarian and NOT hold a current director position in national, state or affiliates within the party. You must also be willing to commit to ethical, unbiased intentions, not opportunities for witch hunts. Pretty simple. Our work will be based on facts, not conjecture. We are not policing speech, we are not addressing bitch fits and we will NOT be a social club. Our meetings can be virtual for convenience. Expect to commit to at least two one hour meetings per month with intermittent electronic or phone communication in between. As we begin to address complaints, that time commitment may increase. The goal would be fit that time commitment to DECREASE, after the LPCO adoption of best practices. Because this is a volunteer position to advance the party, it’s important to note that it’s not a position you can pop in and out of as time permits. We will have deadlines that MUST be met.
We are the investigation arm of questionable actions within our own party. Again, this will be work that is strictly geared to recommendations made to the board. It will NOT include work around complaints that are criminal in nature. You must also be willing to uphold confidentiality as matters may be recommended to be addressed in executive session by the LPCO. If you are ill intended or are looking to settle a grudge, you need not apply. If you are looking to censure speech, you need not apply. Again, this committee is solely intended to address complaints that inhibit advancement of the party and complaints MUST meet this criteria or they will be rejected.

If you can suggest anyone, or have interest, please connect with me. It would be absolutely ideal if we had an attorney on this committee.
I do not want to run this committee by myself but I will if I have to. If I have to run it by myself, it will not be nearly as effective or expedient. It needs to get put in place ASAP with Libertarians that hold true to the ethical advancement of our party

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