A Message from Spike Cohen, Jo Jorgensen’s Running Mate

I’m Jeremy “Spike” Cohen and I’m the Libertarian Party nominee for Vice-President. I’m writing to you to ask that you support my Presidential running mate Jo Jorgensen and I in our bid for the White House. We are running on a platform that is exclusively derived from the Libertarian Party platform. Our goals are to reduce the size of government as much as possible so that the national debt will stop growing and start shrinking, abolish the IRS, radically reform our criminal justice system to eliminate victimless crimes and immediately release those incarcerated for them, demilitarize American police forces and create accountability programs for them, and eliminate government policies and programs that interfere in the ability of the people to live their lives as they see fit.
These policies, when implemented, will immediately reduce the amount of harm done to every person in our country and bring about great benefit to everyone as well. Imagine a nation where people have an additional $3000 dollars at their disposal because they are no longer being robbed of their income by the IRS! Imagine a nation where people are no longer forced to choose between a life of poverty or a life of crime! Imagine a nation where people no longer have to fear agents of the State interfering with them as they go about their daily lives! This is the world that Jo and I will bring about in our administration. We need your support to make that happen. Please go to joj2020.com, donate, and signup to volunteer. We can’t make this happen without your support.
What we guarantee in exchange for your money and time is that Jo and I will continue to campaign using a bold and unapologetic libertarian message. We will communicate dynamically and empathetically to reach those people who may never have previously considered us as an option. We all know that our principles sell themselves and we will passionately and compassionately use those principles to reach the disaffected voters of America who yearn for something to believe in outside of the Republicrats.
Thank you for your time and, again, go to joj2020.com to donate and volunteer. Together, we can bring about meaningful change in America!

Spike Cohen

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