From LPCO Chairman Victoria Reynolds


Contact: Stacy Petty
Phone number: (303) 837-9393


Per the draconian regulations instituted by Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado government, the Libertarian Party of Colorado has been forced to cancel our 2020 annual convention.

It has long been a cornerstone of Libertarian beliefs that the world works best when people use personal responsibility and exercise their right to freely assemble. Not only are political and activist organizations forced to set their work aside when people need them most, but businesses have been forced to close, as well. By shutting down our convention and others like it, the state of Colorado has compounded the economic damage already being done through our society grinding to a halt. The small payments being passed through Federal legislation are nothing but a band-aid on the bullet wound which is our financial security. Through years of taxation, fees, and destruction of the dollar; the government has made it so the average person could not save and prepare for a situation like this. As they urge us to stop living life and to lock ourselves indoors, most Americans do not have that luxury. They have bills to pay, and far less than $1,000 in savings. The Libertarian Party of Colorado stands with these vulnerable people and demands that the state of Colorado open more avenues for people to keep working, rather than inhibiting the flow of commerce. Currently the Libertarian Party of Colorado is developing a digital option for conducting necessary party business. We ask that the registered Libertarians watch their email, as we will share our solution as soon as it is in place.

We are dedicated to offering voters a Libertarian option all throughout Colorado. And as Democrats, and Republicans fight for more government intervention, and a further reduction in rights, Libertarians need to be the option for people who cherish their liberties and refuse to live in fear of their neighbors. If you would like to be one of those candidates, please contact us immediately.

Those who have purchased tickets will have their money refunded as soon as possible, however, we are accepting donations, and appreciate your continued support.

Victoria Reynolds
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Colorado

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Stacy Petty at, or Victoria Reynolds at, or call (303) 837-9393.

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