Support the Petition Rights Amendment!

Dear Liberty loving friends,

As the state chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and more importantly, as someone who loves freedom, I urge your active help in our effort to keep the ability to petition on the ballot.  Our effort will be our most important in our 48-year history. It will yield great political and financial benefit, and also attain in an enduring way our highest goal: citizen control of government.

The Petition Rights Amendment (PRA) will be on the November 2020 ballot IF we start strong and work long to get 200,000 signatures by July. Its 549 words replace 1581 words in the state constitution, words that were twisted and ignored for 110 years. The text at is a simple, clear, and fair statement of why and how we must defend the First Amendment.

1) Read the two-page Dirty Dozen essay. Like our national Declaration of Independence, it documents how our right to petition has been strangled. It makes the case for stronger protection of our relationship to the state.

2) Read the Welcome letter. Its first sentence links to a graphic photo, fearful but true–the “right to petition” in Hong Kong under Communist China’s rule, where petitioners sit in a cage!

The LP has a great opportunity to be credited for PRA. We can mobilize our love of liberty and get PAID to defend it. Sign up on line to get petition forms, either as a volunteer or for pay. Volunteers will fill 100+ lines in 30 days. Paid help must complete 300 entries or more in coming months.


A. Collect for pay, receive money, and pay tax on the income. Collect up to 500 valid entries weekly, notarize them, and get $1 each. In 20 weeks, it may be $10,000. Work harder, get more. Be PAID to defend your rights!


B. ASSIGN in writing some or all payments to our LP issue committee. If you get no money and have no income, you owe no tax. The committee will receive donations from many helpers. This is a tax-free gift; volunteer labor is not taxable.

We provide a half-page instruction sheet. You should stand at busy EXIT doors of big stores (bottlenecks). When people pass by you, 80% won’t stop but the 20% who do will be 15+ entries per hour. They must state they are registered CO voters. Each entry takes under a minute. Verify their entry accuracy before they leave.

Want to help? Go to and fill out the sign-up sheet. Email it in. Do it today. We need to start strong and stay steady. Think about recruiting others to begin in January.

This is the most important way you can help the Libertarian Party of Colorado, your family, and our state in our eternal fight for Freedom.

Thank you,

/S/ Victoria Reynolds, State Chairman

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