LPCO Seeks Applicants for Constitution and Bylaws Committee

This post has been updated.

Have you always wanted to shape the LPCO Constitution & Bylaws Committee? Now is your chance!
There are five at-large seats open on this committee. The LPCO is now soliciting applications for this committees between now and 12/8/2019. The LPCO Board of Directors will then make these five appointments at their regular monthly meeting on 12/09/2019.
The minimum qualification to serve on a LPCO committee is to be a registered Libertarian in the State of Colorado. To apply, simply complete this online application by midnight on 12/8/2019: https://form.jotform.com/91515165747159.


Normally, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee would only be convened in odd-numbered years.  However, it will also be convened in 2020 in order to carry out the proviso from the 2019 state convention:

Proviso: This proposal
[Proposal #16 of the 2019 Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report, titled
“Move Platform, Constitution, and Bylaws Proposals to Odd-Numbered Years”]
would not apply to the need to clear the backlog of unheard
Constitution and Bylaws proposals from the 2019 Convention and earlier, nor exclude
proposals to codify the Convention Standing Rules into the Bylaws, or a proposal to
combine the Constitution and Bylaws–both of which are needed items that were not
achievable due to time constraints–which would be the only proposals allowed
at the 2020 Convention.

(1)  Section 1, Article VI, LPCO Bylaws.
(2)  Section 6, Article IV, LPCO Constitution.
(3)  Proviso, Proposal #16, Report of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to the Board and Delegates of the Libertarian Party of Colorado 2019 State Convention

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