San Antonio Tries Prohibition

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San Antonio Tries Prohibition Of First Amendment In Futile Attempt To Address Crime

The city of San Antonio, in an attempt to address criminal activity relating to motorcycle gangs, is issuing “Disturbing the Peace” citations to various motorcycle riders for the sole act of wearing “Colors”, patches that identify a person as being a member of a Motorcycle club.

In attempting to criminalize the act of wearing a jacket with patches while on a motorcycle, the city of San Antonio is not only blatantly violating the freedom to express one’s self as outlined in the first amendment, it is also perpetuating prohibition and profiling- practices that have been shown to be ineffective at reducing black market drug activities and seldom stop intended targets from engaging in criminal activity.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado upholds the right for individuals to express themselves by any peaceful means they choose- recognizing that government often attempts to subvert the right to due process and freedom of expression in the name of “security”.

The Libertarian Party also rejects criminalization and prohibition as viable options for reducing crime- recognizing that decriminalization is one the most effective means of deterring unwanted activities.

Furthermore, the Libertarian Party recognizes that for markets to thrive, buyers and sellers must be able to exercise the freedom to choose who they will or will not associate with through voluntary exchange.

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Eric Mulder is the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, he is currently running for RTD District F. You can follow him and his campaign through his website

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