National Platform Delegate Election Error

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Dear LPCO Party Members:

It’s come to my attention, as I’ve assumed my position as Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, that there was in fact an error in procedure to elect our party representative for the national platform committee. Because of this error in procedure, that election is considered to be invalid and is a direct result of the by-laws being in opposition with the state convention rules.

The result; a vacancy exists for this position and the state board will proceed according to the bylaws to fill said vacancy. At this point, it is formally announced that the state board is seeking applicants to fill the national platform delegate to national seat that is vacant in accordance with current by-laws. If interested please follow this link and fill out an application:

I would like to emphasize the importance of a direct need to minimize the by-laws so that these unintended consequences are taken into serious consideration as to not strangle our ability at effectively executing the primary purpose of our existence; promoting freedom.

Applications are due October 31th 2019 by midnight. Thank you for your consideration.

Victoria Reynolds
Libertarian Party of Colorado

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