LPCO Elects a Fresh New Board of Directors

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For Immediate Release: 5/1/19

Libertarian Party of Colorado Elects a Fresh New Board of Directors

The Libertarian Party of Colorado held its annual state convention this past weekend in Colorado Springs at the Hotel Elegante Conference Center.  A total of eight board positions were up for election and each of those eight were filled by a bevy of excellent professional political activists.  Most notably were the Chairman and Vice Chairman races which were both highly contested and complete with formal debates both on and off the convention floor.

 The newly elected board is as follows:

State Chair – Victoria Reynolds


Victoria Reynolds has been active at the local and state level since 2016, first as a volunteer coordination for Douglas county in the presidential election, then, as the chairman of the Libertarian Party Development Group of Denver.  Prior to her election as Chairman Victoria previously held the position of Fundraising Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado and has created a culture of monthly phone banking that she hopes to continue into the future.

Victoria has expressed that  as Chairman her primary objectives within the party are to find the best resources for educating, empowering and engaging future LP leaders by focusing on winning races and building the LP from the grassroots up.  With her background of creating frameworks and mechanisms of activation for activists, and affiliates; she hopes to bring the Colorado group into the limelight with her message of hope, teamwork and commitment. Victoria can be reached at statechair@lpcolorado.org.

State Vice Chair – Eric Mulder


Eric Mulder is a Libertarian from Aurora, Colorado. He has served in several roles in the Libertarian Party including Arapahoe County Outreach Director, Fundraising Director, Arapahoe County Chair, and ran for Sheriff of Arapahoe County in 2018. He is a graphic designer and studied at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Eric can be reached at vicechair@lpcolorado.org.

Campaigns Director – Michael Lopez

Michael Lopez is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and Colorado Libertarian who is dedicated to protecting the union that our founders established for us. You can read more of his thoughts at deadletters.org and he can be reached at campaignsdirector@lpcolorado.org.

Affiliates Director (formerly Regions Director) – Steve Gallant

Always libertarian, Steven Gallant became a Libertarian in 1993 while living in the Belly of the Beast. There, he worked at the Libertarian Party National headquarters, maintaining the membership database. After obtaining his graduate degree, Gallant worked for several “beltway bandits” and federal government agencies, experiencing firsthand government profligacy and incompetence. After moving to Colorado in 1999, he became active in the Jefferson County Libertarian affiliate as well as the state party. Gallant has run for public office several times at the county and municipal level. Gallant has served in several state board positions and he looks forward to helping the party continue its record growth.  He can be reached at affiliatesdirector@lpcolorado.org

Communications Director – Lance Cayko

Lance Cayko is a serial entrepreneur from Longmont Colorado. He is also the Deputy Director of social media at Being Libertarian, and Chair of the Libertarian Party of Boulder County, and the Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado.  Lance can be reached at communicationsdirector@lpcolorado.org

Secretary (formerly Records Director) – Mike Spalding

As a near native who has lived in Colorado since he was in High School, Mike is committed to preserving the freedoms that help to make this a great state. He has built and successfully grown a software business, an insurance company, and a real estate business. He is involved in Boy Scouts, an Austrian Economics group, and myriad local activities.

Mike has financially helped the campaigns of several Libertarians and the state and national party. He has provided treasurer and other services for various campaigns and was formerly the treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. He has been a major participant in several statewide initiatives and helped repeal the sales tax on food in Lakewood. Mike also has run for election a couple of times. He garnered 23% of the vote running for State Representative and was elected to the Ken Caryl Water Board where he currently serves.  He can be reached at recordsdirector@lpcolorado.org

 Legislative Director – Michael Stapleton

Michael is a Colorado Native, living in Pueblo where has lived and worked most of his adult life. He has always been politically active, a follower of Libertarian philosophy, and an advocate for limited government and maintaining its proper role. His true activism came out with the recall drive against former State Senator Angela Giron after her sponsorship and votes for the anti-gun legislation. After the recalls ended, he did not want to stop, for he could see that our freedoms and liberties were eroding at a rapid pace — all at the hands of government. His goal is to get Libertarians engaged in holding our elected accountable, to inform our friends and neighbors on our Libertarian principles of Individual Liberty, Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets, and to grow the Party. Michael can be reached at legislativedirector@lpcolorado.org

Treasurer – John Hjersman

John is a California native who moved to Nebraska in 1976 at the age of 29. He moved to Colorado in September, 2013. John graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1968 and sailed on cargo vessels as a licensed engineer until his retirement in 2012. The last 34 years of his career, John sailed as Chief Engineer for American President Lines. An instinctive libertarian, it wasn’t until his interest in combating erosions to our Second Amendment rights brought his attention to the existence of the Libertarian Party that he became a member of the party in 2000. John has been Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County since early 2015. He can be reached at treasurer@lpcolorado.org

Membership Director – John Pickerill

John relocated to Pueblo in 2017 from Indiana where he was active in the LP, having established the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County and served as its first chairman. He was a delegate to the 2018 LP National Convention. He has also run for elected office, having been the LP candidate for Indiana House District 41 in 2016 and for Colorado Senate District 3 in 2018. His primary focus as Membership Director is to persuade as many LPCO members as possible to become activists and candidates. He can be reached at membershipdirector@lpcolorado.org

Outreach Director – Anthony Hale

Anthony Hale grew up in the cotton fields of Western Tennessee and later enlisted into the Army as an Infantryman in 2013 where he served 4 years, was deployed to two countries. He’s now lived in Colorado for six years and currently works as a Pipefitter and Welder on the front range.  Anthony is no stranger to hard work and believes the party has a long way to go, needs some heavy hitters to be out there putting in the work, and convincing people why we’re the political party they should belong to. Anthony is a people person and loves talking to and engaging with people in discussions. He especially loves explaining the uniqueness of the Libertarian Party.  Anthony’s primary goal is to outreach to younger people in this new position.  He can be reached at outreachdirector@lpcolorado.org

Fundraising Director – Angela Plummer

Angela K. Plummer has been proclaimed libertarian for 20 years and an active member of the Libertarian Party for 11 years. She has recently moved from California where she served on the board of Contra Costa County. She currently resides in Glenwood Springs, CO and hopes to bring greater libertarian engagement to the Western Slope. She can be reached at fundraisingdirector@lpcolorado.org.

Staff Volunteers as follows:

Welcome Committee – Marc Montoni

Marc Montoni joined the Libertarian Party in 1980.  From 1985 to 2016, he served the Virginia chapter of the LP in various capacities including chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, database manager, and newsletter editor (1985-2012).  He started affiliates in many localities in the state, some of which are still meeting to this day.  He is a Life member of the national Libertarian Party and a member of the Colorado Libertarian Party since he moved to Mesa County with his family in 2016 due to a job transfer.  Currently he is working on getting some activity going in the Grand Junction area, as well as contacting new inquiries to invite them to become supporters of the Libertarian Party at the local, state, and national levels.

Technology Director – Mike Quinlan

Mike Quinlan is a Colorado native who was born in Denver in 1990. He attended the Colorado School of Mines in Golden from 2008 until 2012 where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has been working as a professional software engineer since 2010 at various startups in and around the Denver Metro area. In 2014, he married his wife, Gavin, and bought a house in Northwest Denver.


Mike has always been a strong supporter of personal liberty and fiscal responsibility. After becoming more interested in politics in 2014, he realized that neither major party was putting forth candidates and policies that aligned with his political beliefs. After the 2016 election night (and a few drinks) he registered as a Libertarian and has not looked back.  He can be reached at technologychair@lpcolorado.org.

Database Manager – David Aitken

David has been a registered Libertarian since 1984 and was active in the late 80’s and 90’s as Finance Chair and State Chair. He played a major role in getting minor party status for the party in 1998. Software consulting and database management was his career for 45 years, so managing the party’s database and website is a natural fit.  He can be reached at databasemanager@lpcolorado.org.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lance Cayko at 303.775.7406 or email at CommunicationsDirector@LPColorado.org.

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