Boulder County Call for Local Candidates

Boulder County Libertarians,

Are you interested in running for local office in Boulder County?  We at the Libertarian Party of Boulder County would be happy to assist in your campaign for any of the following offices that are up for election this November:

  • County Judge (two seats by appointment)
  • County Clerk and Recorder
  • County Commissioner
  • Longmont City Council – Ward 3
  • Longmont City Council – At Large
  • Longmont City Council – At Large
  • Longmont Mayor
  • Boulder City Council – (All six seats are open)
  • Lafayette City Council – (5 at large seats are open)
  • Louisville Mayor
  • Louisville City Council – Ward 1
  • Louisville City Council – Ward 2
  • Louisville City Council – Ward 3
If interested in running please email, Lance at: and also fill out this form
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