Colorado Hosts LP Historic Preservation Project

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May 2, 2017


PARKER, COLORADO—The Libertarian Party, the nation’s third largest political party, was formed in Colorado in 1971, and now Colorado is also home its most significant historic preservation effort to date. Colorado resident, Libertarian Party of Colorado Communications Director, and Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee, Caryn Ann Harlos (also known for her lawsuit against the State of Colorado involving the previous illegality of “ballot selfies”) has been appointed by the Party to spearhead a project to catalog and digitize over forty years of Party records including newsletters, press releases, position papers, pamphlets, organizational minutes, audios, campaign materials and nearly everything in between. The records were delivered from Alexandria Virginia to a storage facility to Parker Colorado this past weekend. This project is expected to take several years and involve hundreds of volunteer hours. LP Historical Preservation Committee Chair Harlos commented:

“We have a deep ideological history and knowing that we stand on the shoulders of giants and continue in paths laid down by others helps to ground and inspire the eager new Libertarians we have brought in and re-ignite the fire in the belly of those who have been working for years. History is important. It matters. No one will save our history if we don’t.”

An innovative approach is being taken to make these records available to the public through the use of a collaborative historical website,, which will function both as an encyclopedia containing entries about persons, events, and subjects involving both the National and state affiliate Libertarian Parties but also the archives of the historical documents themselves, with the vast majority of content being provided spontaneously by activists all over the world interested in preserving Party history. As one Party member noted, “LPedia will be a game-changer.”

Visits to the facility, samples of preserved items, and photographs from this weekend’s move are available upon request to

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