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March 14, 2017


WESTMINSTER, CO- Polling methods and results were the source of much contention and consternation during the 2016 presidential election. Pollsters face changing communication technologies and a rapidly shifting electorate. Among many new concerns is the failure, intentional or otherwise, to include third party candidates and issues in election polls. Steven Kerbel, contender for the 2016 Libertarian presidential nomination, will offer a solution to the nationwide exclusion of third parties and third-party candidates from polls and debates.

If polls are to accurately represent the will of the voters, pollsters must make an effort to include those who are not participating in the ossified and oligarchic two-party system, but have opted to consider third party candidates and ballot issues. Join us at the 2017 Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention to hear more about Mr. Kerbel’s proposal to make polling more accurate and truthful.

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The 2017 Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention takes place March 24-26, 2017 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster Colorado, the home city of Party co-founder, the late David Nolan, and the birthplace of the Libertarian Party. Our line-up of speakers include Laura Ebke, Austin Petersen, Arvin Vohra, Steve Kerbel, Apollo Pazzel, David K. Williams, Ron Gowins, Sarah Stewart, Corey Fauconier, Caryn Ann Harlos and MORE, including a panel discussion on alternative voting methods such as Approval Voting and Ranked Choice Voting.

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