Lily Tang Williams Endorsed by Well-Known Colorado Activist, Kanda Calef

Press Release from the Lily Tang Williams Campaign:

After Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado, Darryl Glenn, attacked the Republican Presidential nominee, activists have stepped up to call out the hypocrisy of his statement.  Kanda Calef, having been a critic of Darryl Glenn’s voting record, prior to the primary, has come out in support of Libertarian candidate, Lily Tang Williams.

“We constantly hear from the establishment of both parties, ‘We have to Unite!’  Yet, that statement only seems to apply when their purchased candidates are the ones whose names are on the ballot, as can be seen by Glenn’s wishy-washy stance on his own Party’s nominee,” stated Calef.  “When the Republican Party elites were backing Trump, Glenn was more than willing to associate with him at events.  Now that McCain and his ilk are against the nominee, Glenn jumps on board the hypocrisy wagon.  It is time for Americans to wake up to the reality that both the Democratic and Republican Party elites are not interested in what is best for the people of the United States, but are interested in power plays and politics.  Lily Tang Williams has seen what happens when power and politics are the driving force in a country, having lived through Communism in China.  We need leaders like her who will crack the stranglehold that the wealthy elites have on the political system in this country.”

A Colorado native, Kanda Calef ( holds her Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Denver.  Upon graduation, she became a state-renowned community organizer and political activist.  She is currently an elected member of the El Paso County Republican Party Executive Committee and a Republican Precinct Leader.  She was the former President of the Colorado Springs Republican Women.  She ran for Colorado Springs City Council in 2015 and lost after several developers united to spend over $100,000 to defeat her.  Her platform was grounded on full transparency of the city’s budget, which threatened those who benefit from backdoor deals with politicians.  Her dynamic personality, well-reasoned policy arguments, and genuine desire to help Coloradoans to prosper have rendered her very influential in Colorado politics.


Lily Tang Williams

Colorado Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate
State Director of Our America Initiative
Advisory Board Member of USPIE (

Cell:		(303) 217-0265
Fax:		(720) 842-0430
Facebook:	Lily4Liberty
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