Accepting Applications for Open Board Positions

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is accepting applications for the open Board positions of Regions Director and Fundraising Director. This is an exciting time to help Liberty and few things are more rewarding. Now is the time to activate your activism and get involved. The duties of these positions are spelled out in the LPCO Bylaws as follows:

The Fundraising Director shall be responsible for establishing and operating fundraising activities including, but not limited to, a monthly pledge program, and for reporting all income and expenses related to fundraising at the regular Board meeting.

The Regions Director shall be responsible for representing the regions and for coordinating campaigns, media, outreach, and other party functions in those regions. (Please see Bylaws for breakdowns of regions comprising the counties in Colorado). Applicants must be Colorado residents and registered Libertarians.

Please send your inquires to Jay North, Chair, at

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