These are the 2014 Libertarian candidates in Colorado.
This table is current as of 23 Sep 2014, 1:28pm. Subject to change.

If you are a candidate, and your campaign Facebook, Website, or Twitter is not listed,
or if you notice any errors, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LPCO is not responsible for the content on
any candidate site, and sites may be in various states of construction at this time.
Race Name FB Web Twitter
II Gaylon Kent
CD1 Frank Atwood      
CD3 Travis Mero    
CD4 Jess Loban
CD6 Norm Olsen      
Governor Matthew Hess
Lt. Governor Brandon Young  
Treasurer David Jurist      
Secretary of State David Schambach    
Atty. General David K. Williams, Jr.
2 Daniel Ong    
7 Steve Golter      
SD5 Lee Mulcahy  
SD11 Norman Dawson
SD19 Gregg Miller      
SD20 Chris Heismann  
SD32 Darrell Dinges    
SD34 Brian Scriber
HD1 David Hein
HD11 Bill Gibson  
HD17 Susan Quilleash-Nelson      
HD22 Lynn Weitzel      
HD23 Michael Beckerman      
HD25 Jack Woehr    
HD26 Thom Haupt
HD27 Niles Aronson  
HD29 Hans Romer    
HD33 Carter Reid      
HD40 Geoffrey Hierholz      
HD43 Eric Price      
HD44 Lily Williams  
HD45 James Jeansonne
HD54 Kyle Davis    
HD56 Chris Baerns      
HD57 Sacha Mero    
HD61 Mac Trench      
Douglas Sheriff Brock McCoy    
Jefferson Sheriff Brett Almy
Jefferson Assessor Patrick Sullivan      
Boulder Comm. 3 Randy Luallin  
Boulder Clerk Ralph Shnelvar  

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