Voter Registration

Register as a Libertarian

In 2014, the Libertarian Party of Colorado gained over 5,500 active, registered voters, and our active voter base grew by 27.5%.  We would love to keep the momentum up!

To become a registered voter, you must complete a voter registration form; and there are a few ways in which you can do so. You may register online if you have a Colorado driver’s license or state-issued ID, you may print one out and mail it to the address listed on the second page of the form, or you can register in person during a voter registration drive at many events, or usually at motor vehicle offices.  Make sure you mark, circle, or write “Libertarian” in the Party Affiliation section.  In a week or so, you will receive a new voter registration card from your county clerk’s office.  If you are already a registered voter in the State of Colorado, you can simply verify your registration and change your affiliation online, or re-register in one of the manual ways above.

The Libertarian Party thanks YOU for registering as a Libertarian!