Lunch w/Boulder Libertarians

Elena Nunez, Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause (May 21, 2015 @ 12:30)

We will be welcoming Elena as our guest speaker.

We will be discussing the citizen initiative process and why both Common Cause and many in the Libertarian Party view the citizen initiative process as so important to bringing good government to Colorado.

Also in attendance will be State Senator Laura Woods who will speak to us for a short while from her perspective.

In my appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals, I wrote:

– – –

The right of the people to initiate legislation is a right “of the first order.”

McKee v. City of Louisville

, 200 Colo. 525, 616 P.2d 969, 972 (1980). “[I]t is not a grant to the people but a reservation by them for themselves.”

– – –

The Colorado Supreme Court says we have a “right of the first order” to initiate legislation and, yet, ¬†there are forces at work in this state who want to severely restrict the initiative process.

The initiative process is under attack from several sides.  Clearly, the right of the initiative becomes irrelevant if there is massive election fraud.

Come to what should be a very informative and useful lunch

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