Lunch w/Boulder Libertarians

Please note that we are averaging a dozen attendees a week.

Dick Murphy – Racism and Guns (June 25, 2015 @ 12:30)

Dick will talk about some of his personal experiences with various aspects of violent racism in parts of the country today and the need for individual citizens to keep and bear arms.

Dick has been in Colorado since 1974 doing various financial tasks ranging from advising the Colorado state legislature on school finance, being Colorado deputy state treasurer, being financial EMT/Coroner, and managing finances for institutions.

Dick also wrote me – and I’m quoting – “I have also been Boulder County Republican County Chairman because, at times, I enjoy pissing in the wind.”

Come hearhim talk about his personal experience with racism and how that has affected his views on the individual right and need to keep and bear arms.

I ran against Mr. Murphy for county commissioner a few years ago.  I can personally attest that he pisses into the wind better than I do.

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