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Note: We are averaging a dozen people at lour lunches

Frank Walsh & Jim Remmert (June 4, 2015 @ 12:30) – Is there a “Just War”? Is there a “Libertarian War”?

Frank Walsh wrote:

Thanks for the invite to the upcoming liberation luncheon to discuss the Just War doctrine, typically though not exclusively associated with the Catholic Church. My brother-in-law, Jim Remmert, called me last Thursday to inform me that your group had begun a conversation regarding various rationales for engaging in, or desisting from, military action and he asked me if I would wish to share some thoughts on this matter from the Catholic just war vantage point. I indicated that I would be happy to do
this, with the caveat that I have only modest expertise on this topic.

I anticipate I will discuss some of the early history behind the just war tradition (largely associated with Saints Augustine and Aquinas), as well as contemporary reflections on this matter. This latter will likely include comments on the role of the just war tradition in recent military engagements in the U.S., as well as the thinking of several exemplars of just war thinking on the scene today (e.g. Michael Walzer and Jean Bethke Elshtain). Also, I will likely sketch out some alternatives to the just war doctrine, e.g. pacificism and realism, as well as a contrast between it and the Islamic idea of jihad, which has attracted considerable attention in recent decades. I trust you will find this set of ideas on point for your group.

A few words about my background in all of this. I pursued a liberal arts degree, with a major in mathematics, at Manhattan College, a Catholic college in New York City, in 1961. Next, I journeyed to Madison, Wisconsin where I earned an M.S. in mathematics from UW, after which I taught mathematics at UW-Eau Claire for roughly a decade. At that point , I transferred out of mathematics into sociology, for studies at the University of Colorado. Upon completion of those studies, I began teaching, both math and sociology, at Regis University in Denver, where I have been for the past thirty years.
On the matter of religious practice, I have been a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Boulder over the same time period.

I look forward to meeting with you and others in your group this Thursday afternoon.


Frank Walsh

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