Lunch w/Boulder Libertarians

[Please note: we ae averaging about 15 people per week at lunch.]

Jim Remmert (Tentatively June 4, 2015 @ 12:30) – What should a libertarian constitution look like?

This is tentative because I have contacted California’s Independent Institute.  They are conducting a wold-class seminar for young students a CU and I have asked Amy to contact the teachers/speakers to see if one or more would like to join us at our lunch.

If no speaker from the Independent Institute wishes to join us, Jim will be our guest speaker/moderator again to continue last week’s fascinating discussion about holding an Article V federal constitutional convention.

We will be asking and discussing some very basic questions:

Should there be a constitution? Should it be a written document? What is the constitution’s purpose?

We will not be writing a constitution.

As good programers all around the world know: Design first and then write.



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